Jennifer Ellis - AttorneyWelcome. My name is Jennifer Ellis. I am an attorney and law practice management consultant who is not currently practicing. As such, if you contact me, I am likely to send you to someone else.

I do like to help lawyers and the community in other ways. I do this using my extensive experience in law, technology, marketing, teaching and legal ethics.

For Other Attorneys

  • Online marketing (Social Media/Websites/Online Ads)
  • Expert opinions (Legal Ethics/Social Media)
  • Seminars

If you are an attorney needing my assistance, please email me.

Will I Represent You?

No, I am sorry, but I am not taking legal clients right now. However, if you need a recommendation for counsel, and I feel comfortable making one, I will be happy to do so. Send me an email and ask. Keep in mind though, that we do not have attorney/client privilege, so keep it short. Just tell me where you are (state and city) and the broad type of law. If I have more questions, I will let you know.