Jennifer Ellis - AttorneyWelcome. My name is Jennifer Ellis. I am an attorney who is not currently practicing law. I like to help lawyers and the community in other ways though. I do this using my extensive experience in law, technology, marketing, teaching and legal ethics.

For Other Attorneys

  • Online marketing (Social Media/Websites/Online Ads)
  • Expert opinions (Legal Ethics/Social Media)
  • Seminars

If you are an attorney needing my assistance, please email me.

For Anyone Who Asks

I answer questions in a way that does not provide legal advice. This means that I provide broad, educational information. What sort of questions will I answer on this site and/or social media?

  • Career advice for lawyers or those seeking to be lawyers
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Technology (especially as relates to the law)
  • Legal ethics
  • Other random things people ask me

Rules for asking questions:

  • Please be polite. Not only to me, but each other. I reserve the right to remove rude comments.
  • You might want to search and see if I have answered your question before. However, if you have a different approach to something I have already answered, feel free to ask.
  • Nothing you send to me or post on this site is covered by attorney/client confidentiality. This is because I am not your attorney and you are not my client. If you don’t want me to share something, please say so when you send me an email.
  • I do not use names in my posts. You may feel free to identify yourself, if you are so inclined.
  • Nothing I write or say on or through this site is legal advice. Please don’t take it as such. My goal is to provide educational information about the law and to provide other useful information.

If you have a question, you may feel free to email it to me for my Ask Jennifer posts. I cannot promise I will answer it, but if it interests me, I will try.

Will I Represent You?

No, I am sorry, but I am not taking legal clients right now. However, if you need a recommendation for counsel, and I feel comfortable making one, I will be happy to do so. Send me an email and ask. Keep in mind though, that we do not have attorney/client privilege, so keep it short. Just tell me where you are (state and city) and the broad type of law. If I have more questions, I will let you know.