Real Estate Agents, Stop Calling Me Darn It

Ok, I need to vent. And you, my fine readers, can listen, or rather read. Or not. Whatever. First, I am an ethics lawyer. In my profession, we have a lot of very serious rules. Failure to follow them can get us in a lot of trouble. So I am having a lot of trouble […]

Transitioning to Private Practice After Public Interest Law

Question: I have worked for public interest law firms for nearly 20 years.  It is possible to transition to private practice, or do I have to hang up my own shingle? Answer: I think that anyone who has worked in public interest for 20 years has the ability to do whatever they want going forward. The […]

Can a Business be an Independent Contractor

Reminder: Please don’t be too specific when you send me a question.I was asked a very specific question about independent contractors. I will remind folks to keep your questions general, since I cannot provide legal advice. Any very specific question will get an answer of, please see a lawyer. Question: I will summarize the issue. […]

Can I Sue in the US if the Case is From Another Country?

Where Can a Plaintiff Sue in an International Case Question: I will summarize this question, because it contained quite a bit of personal information. Essentially, the person wanted to know, if they have a case based out of Saudi Arabia, with a defendant who lives in Chad, can they sue the person who lives in […]

Sample Disclaimer for Law Firm Websites

Attorney Websites Need Disclaimers Many lawyers do not have disclaimers for their websites. This is a problem. All law firm websites should have appropriate disclaimers. This includes a disclaimer at the bottom of each page, and a complete disclaimer on a separate page.  The every page disclaimer should link to the complete disclaimer. Here I […]

Keeping Electronic Data Secure

I recently presented this seminar to NALS Philadelphia. They asked me to discuss issues related to personal data security. Staying Secure Electronically from Jennifer Ellis

Podcast: Chatting About WordPress

My friend and colleague, Tim Baran of Good2bSocial, interviewed me about the use of WordPress to create law firm websites. Take a listen and enjoy my dulcet tones.

Beware Irma and Harvey Scammers

Scammers are Common After Hurricanes and Other Disasters It is wonderful to watch so many people come together to help each other prior to, during, and after a disaster. People literally risk their lives to save each other. They step up with money, tools, supplies, and their own two hands. Unfortunately, not all people are […]

Police and Law School

Question: Why aren’t police officers required to go to law school? Because they aren’t lawyers. They are police officers. Law school wouldn’t provide police officers with the kind of education they need to do their jobs. Most law students take one or two criminal law courses, one or two constitutional law courses and one or  […]

Law, Dating, and Divorce

Question: When can I legally date after filing for divorce and before it is granted? As far as I know, there is no limit on when you can legally date. But you should ask your lawyer to be sure. Even if there are no legal issues there might be strategic ones. In addition, various states […]