Plethora of Speaking Engagements!

Where Will I Be Speaking for the Next Few Months?


Jennifer Ellis SpeakingI never have the heart to say no to good organization such as PBI, PBA and TASA.  As a result, I am speaking a lot this summer. In fact, I am speaking so much I had to postpone Jury Duty, because one of the dates crossed with one of my speaking engagements. I appreciate the willingness of Chester County to work with me. In one case, I had to turn down an engagement for an organization, because I was already speaking for that organization on another day! DOH!  Anyway, here we go:

The Conference – July 24 & 25

The PBA Solo and Small Firm Practice Section Conference, otherwise known as the Conference, is in Bedford Springs on July 24 and 25.  I will be speaking twice. First on Social Media and second on iPads. I very much enjoy this particular event, because I have been involved with it for a long time. I used to manage what was once called the Solo and Small Firm Practice Retreat and then the Law Practice Management Institute, when I worked for PBI.  I am also currently Vice Chair of the Solo and Small Firm Practice Section. The Bedford Springs is a beautiful, historic hotel. Register here.

City of Philadelphia Law Department – July 29

My next event is a new one for me. I am very honored to have been invited to speak for the City of Philadelphia’s law department. I will be joining Dan Siegel, who is both a lawyer and a technology wizard, and Barbara Denys who is with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.  We will be speaking on social media and ethics.  This should be a fun session. We have created a number of hypotheticals and will use them to discuss the ethical rules. Nothing is dryer than people standing around reciting rules, so we thought hypos would be much more interesting. No registering for this one. It is a private event for lawyers who work for Philadelphia.

Cloud Computing – August 8

I was asked by PBI to create a brand new seminar on Cloud Computing. I believe, if I may say so myself, that I have put together a great panel. Dan Siegel will be joining me along with Fred Wilf and Steve Foxman. Dan and I will be discussing issues that relate to lawyers. Fred and Steve will be addressing legal issues relating to business.  You can register here. Course is available live in Philadelphia or via the web.

CLE Down the Shore – August 14

I admit it, I am very honored to be speaking at this event. CLE Down the Shore is considered to be the best gift PBI can offer its speakers. This event is in Atlantic City. Dan Siegel invited me to join him, so I owe this one to Dan. Our topic is How Technology Can Get You Into Trouble.  This event is in Atlantic City.

Ethics PotPourri – August 28

Tom Wilkinson and I have presented this seminar on ethics, competence and technology, a couple of times now. I am looking forward to speaking with Tom again. Especially since there have already been a few developments since the addition of  technology to competence requirements for lawyers. I will only be speaking live in the Philadelphia location.

TASA & Legal Intelligencer -  September 12

This is a new one for me. TASA is sponsoring an event with the Legal Intelligencer. I have been asked to present on Social Media and its Legal Implications for the Practice of Law. My co-panelists are not yet identified and I cannot yet give you a link to register. I am excited to be speaking for this group.

Immigration Forum -  September 19

The Immigration Forum is an event in Philadelphia (simulcast throughout Pennsylvania) that address immigration law. I have been asked to address ethics. Register here.

How To Collect and Social Media for E-Discovery – September 22

A webinar Sharon Nelson invited me to present with her. We will be addressing the myriad issues involved with obtaining social media during the e-discovery process. This webinar is presented through ALI-CLE

More About Sucuri – CloudProxy

Sucuri CloudProxy


CloudProxyWhile I am discussing security and Sucuri, I’d like to talk to you about CloudProxy.  CloudProxy is a firewall for your website.

You are no doubt familiar with denial of service attacks.  These attacks are used to take even the most robust of websites down. There are other kinds of attacks that can also put malware on your website.  While the Sucuri scanning and malware service I mentioned in a previous post acts to find and help you remove malware, the CloudProxy service exists to prevent malware from occurring in the first place.  The service also provides additional protections for your site.

You might ask, well if I have CloudProxy to prevent myself from getting infected in the first place, why do I need scanning too? The answer is, you could end up infecting your own website while installing plugins. Or you could have a weakness in your site and not know about it. Think of this as having both a belt and suspenders for your site.

How CloudProxy Works

CloudProxy reroutes your traffic so it goes through Sucuri’s servers. This allows Sucuri to scan for and block any malware. As a result, no external malware or denial of service attacks ever reach your site. In addition, the service keeps anyone who is trying to access the control Dashboard of your site from even logging in. No ability to log in to your dashboard, no hijacking of your site. In addition, because your site is running through CloudProxy, the speed of your site will be improved. This is because the servers Sucuri is using are faster than most (but not all) hosts out there.

When Should You Use CloudProxy

I use CloudProxy for my own site, which is hosted on Bluehost. I do not use it for my sites on WebSynthesis, because doing so would be redundant.  I checked with WebSynthesis to make sure of this. Remember, WebSynthesis works with Sucuri already.


CloudProxy is $9.99 per month for the basic service. Additional options are available depending on number of sites and if you use https: instead of http:


Cloudproxy is very easy to setup. As long as you have access to your Domain Name Servers, you can make the necessary changes.  What you do is set up the service on Sucuri’s site first, test to make sure everything is working, and then create an A record to point to the new IP address Sucuri provides in the dashboard. If you don’t know how to create or change an A record, create a help ticket, and Sucuri will set this up for you.

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