Should You Upgrade to Windows 10?

Upgrade to Windows 10? Maybe, Maybe Not.

Upgrade to Windows 10?

It might be best to wait a while before you upgrade to Windows 10.

I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 a few days ago. It was a slow process, but aside from that, I had no problems. I just had to ignore my laptop while it went through the upgrade. However, many of my friends and colleagues have had issues. So the question is, should you upgrade?

Maybe Not…

The answer is, it seems a bit risky. But there is no consistency, that I can see, between the people who have problems and the people who don’t. My upgrade was done on a laptop I bought in December. A very inexpensive Dell. One person bought her laptop about two months ago, and she keeps getting errors. Her computer wasn’t disabled, she just cannot seem to perform the upgrade. Still another friend, who is very tech savvy, ended up with a disabled computer and had to spend hours on the phone with Microsoft.  I warned another person that I felt she should wait, and she called me today to tell me she had performed the upgrade, but now was having some issues, mainly with the browser Chrome (which is very important to her work.) So of these people, only one didn’t have trouble of some kind. One had a disaster, one cannot upgrade and one had an inconvenience. Not great odds.

Special Software? Special Considerations.

If you have any specialized software that has not yet been tested on Windows 10, wait until it is updated to upgrade. If you aren’t sure if that software has been updated, call tech support or customer service for that software and find out. I mention this because I know a lot of lawyers use specialized software that was coded by smaller companies. Those companies may not yet have had a chance to test their software on Windows 10, and they may need to make some changes. If you require a certain piece of software to do your work, be very careful before you upgrade.

The Bottom Line

I knew that there were some risks to upgrading, but I have a couple of computers that I can use, so I wasn’t too concerned about dealing with a disabled laptop. But, if you only have access to one machine and you are not comfortable with having to spend some time on the phone with Microsoft, I would wait a bit before you upgrade. This will give Microsoft a chance to figure out why people are having issues and hopefully, resolve them. Also, this will give Microsoft a chance to create a support book for its tech service people that will allow them to identify most problems and help you resolve yours relatively quickly. This is how tech support generally works. The people look through a book, find your problem and go to the recommended solution. If that solution doesn’t work, they go to the next recommended solution. If they cannot solve your problem, they escalate it to someone who can work on the fly or has an even better book. When this happens, it takes much longer to resolve problems, often requiring many hours or several calls.

As an aside, I am not the only one who is a bit concerned about the upgrade. Computerworld has written (at least) two articles on the subject: Windows 10 is for suckers and 9 reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10 — yet. Silicon beat reported on an upgrade bug in: Windows 10 upgrade bug makes some PCs unusable.


I Tried ParkWhiz

ParkWhiz Says it Helps Make Parking Easy

Picture taken from ParkWhiz's site. This is the parking pass.

Picture taken from ParkWhiz’s site. This is the parking pass.

Recently, I had occasion to drive into New York City with my sister, Loren, my nephew Tyler and my niece, Maddie. My sister told me she would be staying in the City for a while and, so, of course, I told her to stay over the night before and I would drive her in. It is only a two hour drive for me, and parking in NYC, if you don’t know, is extremely difficult and expensive. My sister, in return, suggested that I see a show with the 3 of them. We ended up seeing Stomp (it was fabulous.)

But I digress.

I Need to Park in NYC

The point of this blog post is not to tell you about my trip, it is to tell you about ParkWhiz. I needed to find parking near the Orpheum Theatre. Knowing the issues, my sister suggested I get online and find the closest parking. As I looked, I came across a website called ParkWhiz.

I Find ParkWhiz

Seeing the link for the website reminded me that I had heard of an app that helps with parking. When I looked at the website, I realized that the app is ParkWhiz. I figured, what the heck, I’ll give it a try. Worst, I don’t have a spot. Best, my life is easy (or maybe easier.)


I Use the App

I downloaded the app. Once I installed it, I searched for Orpheum Theatre. ParkWhiz showed me a map with a bunch of prices marked in various locations, as well as a mark where the Theatre is located. The spot it recommended as the best location was the same place the Orpheum recommends.

All I had to do was touch the spot I wanted. The app recognized from my search for Orpheum that I was going to see a show. It offered me show times and reserved an hour before and an hour after. It then told me my fee would be $28, which I paid in advance.

The app offered to put the parking information on my calendar, so I didn’t even have to remember the address. This made it easy for me to simply click on my calendar and get driving instructions using a different app.

I Experience Parking

About an hour before it was time for me to park, I received an alert from the app that it was almost time to park. When I arrived, I told the parking attendant I had used ParkWhiz, he said show the folks on the way out. When it was time for me to leave, the first person was a bit confused, but he went and got help. The second person knew exactly what it was, showed the first guy what to do, and we were all set. (This didn’t take long.) A third person brought my car, I tipped him, and off we went.

I left before my parking time was up, but I was alerted to the fact that the time was about to be up.


I have a few concerns. First, you cannot change your time frame. Right now, the only option is to cancel and reschedule. This means I would have to pay twice and wait for a refund. Not convenient. Also, on a busy day, I could end up completely losing my spot.

I also, don’t see what happens if I use less time. It looks like I am just out of luck. This means I have to guess and could end up paying more than I need to. In my case, I ended up arriving 30 minutes early and leaving 30 minutes early, so it wasn’t a big deal. Obviously, in my case, the time frame wasn’t an exact thing. I suppose at busier times of day, when parking lots get full, it matters much more that you arrive and leave on time.

There is potential for a problem if you don’t reserve enough time either. The website notes that you would just pay the extra, and the fee might be higher. I get that. But, there is, the website states, a risk of fines or getting towed! This is another part of the issue with not being able to adjust your time. If you could simply add more time, assuming space is available, of course, then that would resolve the problem.

What I Think

All-in-all, I am happy to recommend ParkWhiz. The app worked well. I am sure a lot of the experience depends on the parking garage itself, but the idea is a good one. Especially in a major city like NYC, or in any city when parking is likely to be at a premium.

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