Police and Law School

Question: Why aren’t police officers required to go to law school? Because they aren’t lawyers. They are police officers. Law school wouldn’t provide police officers with the kind of education they need to do their jobs. Most law students take one or two criminal law courses, one or two constitutional law courses and one or  […]

Law, Dating, and Divorce

Question: When can I legally date after filing for divorce and before it is granted? As far as I know, there is no limit on when you can legally date. But you should ask your lawyer to be sure. Even if there are no legal issues there might be strategic ones. In addition, various states […]

Why Shouldn’t I Break the Law?

Question: Why shouldn’t I transgress law when I know I can get away with it? Off the top of my head, several reasons. 1. Frequently (but not always) when you break a law it impacts another person or people in a negative way.  As far as I am concerned, harming other people intentionally is just uncool. […]

How is ESI Impacting E-Discovery?

Question: Given the proliferation of electronically stored information (ESI), what changes will the economics involved in e-discovery lead to in the legal profession? Yes, we have already begun to see a change in the ability of small and solo firms to perform e-discovery. In the past, the expense was so great as to be all […]

Is My Book of Legal Business Portable?

Question: How do you know if a book of business is portable? This is a common question, especially in the legal field. And it is a very important question. First, a client is not automatically portable simply because you brought them in or you are representing them. There is no sure way to tell if a […]

Does Lying about Past Drug Use on a Bar Application Cause Trouble?

Question: Can an attorney licensed to practice in Illinois be disbarred for lying about past drug use on his/her state bar application? I am licensed in PA and do not recall any questions about past drug use on the bar application.  I quickly looked at the application under character and fitness on the Illinois bar site, […]

What is a Health Care Lawyer and How do I Become One?

Question: What are some ways to get into health care law? This question began with the notion that health care lawyers are advocates for their clients who are in the hospital. That is the kind of work the person wants to do. Health care law practice is not generally about advocacy for patients while in health […]

Who Doesn’t Make Partner in a Law Firm?

Question: What are the qualities of lawyers who don’t make partner? That is both an easy and not an easy question to answer. It is easy if the individual works at a firm where he has been given a chance to be a rainmaker (bring in clients) and then will be judged based on that ability.  […]

What Types of Lawyers Fight for People Who Cannot Do So Themselves?

Question: What’s the best kind of lawyer to be if you want fight for people who don’t have the ability to fight for themselves? There are a lot of areas of practice a lawyer could choose where he can make a huge different in an individual’s life.  Virtually any area of direct one-on-one representation tends […]

What Happens if a Lawyer Doesn’t Make Partner?

Question: What do lawyers do if they don’t make partner? It used to be very common to make partner, but as you say, it isn’t as common as it used to be.  When it was common, if an attorney didn’t make partner at his firm after a certain time period, he often felt like he had […]