My Dog, Curtis, “Sued” Me. Then it Got Whacky

I Got “Sued” by my Dog – Did he Win? You Decide My dog, Curtis, is a very sensitive fellow. So sensitive that, despite the fact he stayed at a wonderful kennel where he got plenty of attention and was able to run around all day, he got sick the day I got home and […]

My New Puppy … Hates Being Confined

Millie – Otherwise Known as Houdini the Puppy For several years I have been thinking about getting a new dog. I thought my other dog, Curtis (also known as Curtis D. Ellis) would enjoy having company. When I found a house with a fence I decided that the time was here and I would get […]

Social Media Explained through Doughnuts

I came across an image of a white board today that explained social media through doughnuts. Credit goes to @ThreeShipsMedia. Some quoted, some restated, some added, one changed completely.       Twitter: I’m eating a doughnut Facebook: I like doughnuts Foursquare: I am eating a doughnut at this place right now Instagram: Enjoy this […]