Don’t CC or BCC Your Clients on Emails

The Dangers of CC and BCC for Lawyers I’d like to talk about the risks of ccing or bccing your clients on emails. I see this scenario quite a lot and as an ethics lawyer, I would like to explain to you why it is a problem. CCing Clients If you cc your clients on […]

Try iExplorer to Preserve Client Text Messages on iPhones

How to Backup Messages from your iPhone: Try iExplorer I don’t encourage lawyers to communicate with clients about their cases through text message, but, if you are going to do so, you need to preserve those messages and put them in the client’s file. I am not talking about messages such as, “see you in five […]

“I Have Arrived!” Sexism, Facebook and Politics

My Experience With Casual Misogyny A couple of weeks or so ago I broke my usual rule on offering political opinions on Facebook and wrote the following: “Tom Cotton is an Ass.” Why did I write this? I wrote it, because as a gay person, I was pretty offended that Tom Cotton felt it was appropriate […]

What Does Competence With Technology Mean? Pennsylvania Attorney Ethics Rules

Pennsylvania Attorney Ethics Rules Are Changing Check out my detailed blog post on the changes to the Pennsylvania ethics rules. The post examines all of the changes which go beyond just the technology issue related to competence.  But technology is what most people are focusing on at the moment. Here’s the thing. The rule change […]

Powerpoint Slides – Social Media, Not Just for Marketing

Here are the slides I am presenting tomorrow at the PBA Solo and Small Firm Practice Section’s Conference in Bedford Spring. My presentation explores: Why social media matters Potential business from social media use How social media impacts cases Performing social media research Discovery Spoliation Ethics

Prosecutor Tries to Break Alibi by Allegedly Pretending to be Someone Else on Facebook – Ends Up Breaking His Career

Let’s All Say This Together: Attorneys May Not Pretend to Be Someone Else on Facebook in an Effort to Obtain Evidence An assistant Cuyahoga county prosecutor, I’ll call him AB so I don’t mess up his Google results, allegedly decided it would be a good idea to try to break a defendant’s alibi by chatting […]

Jury Research and Social Media

It is Fine to Use Social Media to Engage in Jury Research- Says the New York City Bar Association I breath a sigh of relief today, because for several years I have been telling lawyers it is fine to research a juror on social media. I didn’t pull this idea out of my….mind, I had […]

The Importance of Ethical Reviews for Law Firm Marketing

Reviews are Extremely Important – But Don’t Forget, They Must be Ethical Reviews I can always tell the next trend in law firm marketing by the phone calls and emails I receive from salespeople.  Fortunately, I always seem to be ahead of  the trend, so I am never surprised when the calls start. But sometimes, […]

Failure to communicate – the most common cause of legal malpractice suits and complaints

Recently I was looking at some of the questions on Avvo.  I like to look at the ethics questions because it gives me a sense of what is going on in the mind of the average client.  The most common complaint I see involves attorneys who fail to communicate with their clients. I also know, […]

Is it ok for attorneys to use the cloud? Ethics and cloud computing

The cloud has been around for a while now, and attorneys are embracing it faster than they have many other forms of technology. I imagine this is because of the dizzying array of services available that help to decrease costs while increasing productivity.This does beg the question though, is it ethically appropriate for attorneys to […]

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