3rd Circuit Uses Preponderance for Facebook Chat Admission

Preponderance of the Evidence for Facebook Chat Admission In an issue of first impression, the 3rd Circuit provided an analysis for authentication and admission of social media evidence. The authentication standard is preponderance of the evidence. The case is US v. Browne (opinion filed August 25, 2016.) Background The case involves Tony Jefferson Browne, who used […]

Going Back in Time on Street View

Seeing Back in Time with Google Street View   Ever wondered what a location looked like a year, or even 5 years ago? Google Street View can help you out. Let me show you how it works. Find Your Address My firm, Lowenthal & Abrams, is located at 555 E. City Avenue in Bala Cynwyd. I’ll use […]

How I Preserve Social Media Evidence

Preserving Social Media Evidence I recorded this video for the PBA Solo and Small Firm Practice Section Conference. I am sharing it because I thought people might like to know how I go through the process of preserving social media evidence.

Powerpoint: GLBT Legal Issues – A Broad Overview

Slides for a presentation I am offering on Friday. The subject is “GLBT issues – a broad legal overview.”     GLBT Representation in Pennsylvania – A Broad Overview from Jennifer Ellis

Powerpoint Slides – Social Media, Not Just for Marketing

Here are the slides I am presenting tomorrow at the PBA Solo and Small Firm Practice Section’s Conference in Bedford Spring. My presentation explores: Why social media matters Potential business from social media use How social media impacts cases Performing social media research Discovery Spoliation Ethics

What happens when you need to break your lease?

Landlord Tenant Law and Breaking a Lease In the past two weeks I have had two questions about what happens when you need to break your lease.  I know this is a common issue, so I thought I would take a moment and write a quick post about it. You Have to Pay Your Rent […]

Zimmerman and Lesser Included Offenses

What Happens if the Jury Doesn’t Feel Zimmerman is Guilty of Murder but is Guilty of Another Crime? On Facebook this evening, a friend posted that he thought that George Zimmerman would be found not guilty of murder and then would be retried and found guilty on a manslaughter charge. I explained to him that […]

Can President Obama Resolve Some of the Complexity That Will Arise after DOMA?

Gay Marriage Benefits Should Cross State Lines I mentioned yesterday that there is confusion about whether gay couples who marry in one state but live in a state that does not recognize gay marriage will be able to maintain their federal benefits. A colleague of mine, Jeffrey Marshall, wrote a post that explains the issues […]

What Does Today’s DOMA Decision Mean for Gay Couples?

Where Do Gay Married Couples Have Federal Benefits After DOMA? The funny thing about the DOMA opinion, otherwise known as US. v. Windsor, is for as important a decision it is, it all started as a tax case. Windsor married her partner of 40 years in Canada. New York passed gay marriage, so their marriage […]

Supreme Court Ruling on Gene Patenting

I wrote a blog post on today’s Supreme Court ruling about whether genes can be patented over on my law firm’s blog.  In summary, the unanimous holding is that just because a company isolates a human gene, it cannot patent that gene.  On the other hand, synthetic genes that require extensive human manipulation can be […]

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