Interviewed by Legal Talk Network about SEO

I had the honor to be interviewed by the Legal Talk Network. We talked about SEO (search engine optimization.)

Starting a Cold Call with a Lie is Not a Good Idea

Don’t Lie About a Cold Call I get a lot of calls from vendors. Since I recommend products to other lawyers, I imagine getting my attention is useful. Add the fact that I work in a mid-sized firm, and now there are two potential markets if you can get me on the phone. I will tell […]

Presentation – Social Media and Ads – Marketing for Lawyers, Factors in the Cloud

Presentation – Social Media Marketing for Lawyers, Google AdWords & Facebook Ads and Factors in Picking Cloud Providers  

Remarketing Explained

What is Remarketing (Retargeting)?   Recently, I was asked to explain the concept of remarketing (also called retargeting) for a listserv in which I participate.  Here is what I wrote. As you can see, it is a very basic explanation. The Background – Why Web Marketing Rocks First, the unique nature of the Internet allows […]

Slides – Basic WordPress Website

Today, I presented for the NC Bar Association on the basics involved with setting up a WordPress website.  Here are my slides.   Basics – Setting up a WordPress Site from Jennifer Ellis

Lawyers Don’t Need Websites?

Lawyers Absolutely Need Websites I remain surprised at the number of attorneys who do not have websites. I am also dismayed, because most of these lawyers are solos and smalls, and I am very partial to those folks. By failing to have a website, lawyers are simply putting themselves at a major disadvantage as compared […]

Free Webinar on SEO

Teaching Free Webinar on SEO – Thursday May 29, 2014 Tomorrow, I am teaching a free webinar on SEO basics.  The seminar is being offered by MyCase.  Sign up for free. My goal in teaching this webinar is to provide lawyers (and other business people) with some specific information that they can use immediately.   […]

Are You Ready To Act On Your Law Firm Marketing Results? If Not – Don’t Waste Your Money

Don’t Spend the Money if you Aren’t Ready to Respond to your Law Firm Marketing   I came across an interesting post on Facebook linking to a blog post on the failure of businesses to respond to quickly to their own marketing. It was posted by Stephen Fairley of the Rainmaker Institute.  The point of […]

Check Out my Talk on Building a Website in an Hour – ABA TechShow

Ready to Discover How to use WordPress to make a Law Firm Website? Find out at ABA TechShow   At the ABA Techshow in Chicago this week, I will be teaching a seminar, “How to build a website in an hour.” My session is on Thursday from 2:00-3:00. Now, of course, you can’t really make […]

Social Media is Networking NOT Marketing

Lawyers Should Understand – Social Media is Networking   Recently, a colleague who is also a client paid me the biggest compliment she could. She referred someone else to me for help with a social media presence.  This new potential client is a realtor.  To my mind, realtors are a lot like lawyers in terms […]

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