How to Delete a Facebook Post from your Timeline

I get questions about deleting a post a lot, Facebook constantly changes how deleting posts works. I keep rewriting my post in response. So here is how to delete or edit a Facebook post as of November 17, 2017. In General Basically, on posts. you are looking for carrots ^ or you are looking for three […]

Remember FC? He Hasn’t Given Up

For FC Being in the Wrong and Getting Called Out is Problematic You probably remember that I posted about a guy who decided to call me a bad name on Facebook.  I didn’t use his name, of course, but he did experience some ramifications on Facebook when I told people what he had done.  He […]

Interviewed by Legal Talk Network about SEO

I had the honor to be interviewed by the Legal Talk Network. We talked about SEO (search engine optimization.)

Sucuri & Protecting Your Website

Keep Your Website Safe With Sucuri   I realized today that I am more inclined to give negative reviews than positive. Isn’t that the way? So when someone asked me in response to my post on Sitelock if there are any good companies for keeping your website safe, I realized, this is the time to […]

Slides: SEO, Now What Does Google Want?!

Powerpoint Presentation for SEO Seminar   Here are the slides for my webinar on basic SEO. I am presenting this today for a group of approximately 500 attorneys. Thank you to MyCase for inviting me to present. While I am presenting to lawyers, anyone who is interested in basic search engine optimization should find the […]

Lawyers Don’t Need Websites?

Lawyers Absolutely Need Websites I remain surprised at the number of attorneys who do not have websites. I am also dismayed, because most of these lawyers are solos and smalls, and I am very partial to those folks. By failing to have a website, lawyers are simply putting themselves at a major disadvantage as compared […]

Free Webinar on SEO

Teaching Free Webinar on SEO – Thursday May 29, 2014 Tomorrow, I am teaching a free webinar on SEO basics.  The seminar is being offered by MyCase.  Sign up for free. My goal in teaching this webinar is to provide lawyers (and other business people) with some specific information that they can use immediately.   […]

Worried about Facebook Privacy for Old Posts? Use Limit Old Posts

Want to Make Sure Old Facebook Posts Are Limited to Friends?   Every now and again, you might wonder with whom you shared a post. But finding those old posts so you can check the settings can be difficult.  Fortunately, Facebook has an easy way to limit who can see your old posts.  The tool […]

Social Media is Networking NOT Marketing

Lawyers Should Understand – Social Media is Networking   Recently, a colleague who is also a client paid me the biggest compliment she could. She referred someone else to me for help with a social media presence.  This new potential client is a realtor.  To my mind, realtors are a lot like lawyers in terms […]

Want a Free Copy of WordPress in One Hour for Lawyers?

Enter the Sweepstakes for a Drawing   Like my Facebook page to enter a sweepstakes for a free copy of my book, WordPress in One Hour for Lawyers.  The book is useful for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.  If you already like my Facebook page, share the post on Facebook to get entered. Drawing is on […]