Pennsylvania, CHIP, and Discrimination against Transgender Youth

Pennsylvania, CHIP and Transgender Youth I have generally avoided politics on this website. But staying silent in these troubled times is really no longer an option. Today, I want to tell you about something that I find bewildering and horrifying. And that is a mean-spirited amendment to the CHIP re-authorization bill. That amendment would prevent […]

Should You Upgrade to Windows 10?

Upgrade to Windows 10? Maybe, Maybe Not. I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 a few days ago. It was a slow process, but aside from that, I had no problems. I just had to ignore my laptop while it went through the upgrade. However, many of my friends and colleagues have had issues. So […]

Book Review – The Wise Legacy

The Wise Legacy How one professor transformed the nation For several years, my dear friend and colleague, Dan Siegel, told me about a book he was writing called The Wise Legacy. The book, he explained to me, was about a professor at F&M (Franklin & Marshall) who meant a great deal to him. He learned, […]

How Not to Behave When Delivering Food

A Delivery Person Scared Me I moved recently. As many people will do when the pots, pans and dishes are packed up, I ordered dinner in. The easiest thing seemed to be a pizza, so I found a local place and called in an order. Not too long after, someone came to my door. Because […]

Dress Right or Sit Down and Shut Up? Women Lawyers and Court Room Clothing

Do Women Lawyers Still Have to Wear Skirts in Court Rooms? On the Women in the Profession listserv of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, we had a lengthy discussion about women and what they wear in court. The discussion began because a judge wrote a blog post in which he commented on how women lawyers dress.    […]

Job Searching For New Law Graduates – Be Assertive

How Law Graduates Should Approach A Job Search Today, I was asked to answer this question on Quora, “What is the Best Way for Law School Graduates to Get a Job?” Here is a slightly modified version of my answer. Network The single best way to find a job is to network your way to […]

Update on Kirk Cameron and Facebook

Cameron’s People Messed Up I posted last Thursday about Kirk Cameron and the issues he had with Facebook.  I made the assumption that individuals had been reporting the link to his website and that was what caused his site to be blocked.  But I also noted that part of the problem could have come from […]

Religious Bias from Facebook? The Saga of Kirk Cameron’s Social Media Problem

Did Facebook Show Religious Bias Against Kirk Cameron? I learned on Thursday that Kirk Cameron is claiming his movie Unstoppable, had its website blocked from Facebook. I thought this was odd, so I did some research. What I found was: 1. The link to the Unstoppable website was in fact blocked. This issue was rapidly […]

The Importance of Ethical Reviews for Law Firm Marketing

Reviews are Extremely Important – But Don’t Forget, They Must be Ethical Reviews I can always tell the next trend in law firm marketing by the phone calls and emails I receive from salespeople.  Fortunately, I always seem to be ahead of  the trend, so I am never surprised when the calls start. But sometimes, […]

Shame on you Universal Studios – Discriminating against and embarassing a guest? Is that how you roll?

Universal Studios Theme Park took $300, ruined a celebration, and humiliated a woman.  Nice job. A year ago a dear friend of mine, Barb, experienced terrible embarrassment and discrimination at Universal Studios Theme Park, and I want to tell you about it. I only learned about this early this year, because Barb was too upset […]