Keeping Your Data Secure – Powerpoint

Presentation for the Philadelphia chapter of NALS on Keeping Your Data Secure. This powerpoint provides advice to the layperson on basic steps they can take to protect themselves.  

I got a Bonsaii DocShred for Home Shredding

Everyone Should Have a Shredder at Home With the risk of identity theft only increasing, a shredder is no longer a suggestion it is a requirement. However, the right kind of shredder is also crucial. Old fashioned shredders will no longer do the job. You need a shredder that will essentially create confetti, not just strips. […]

Worried about Facebook Privacy for Old Posts? Use Limit Old Posts

Want to Make Sure Old Facebook Posts Are Limited to Friends?   Every now and again, you might wonder with whom you shared a post. But finding those old posts so you can check the settings can be difficult.  Fortunately, Facebook has an easy way to limit who can see your old posts.  The tool […]

Does Firefox Remember The Wrong Password? Here’s How to Fix It.

What To Do When Firefox Remembers the Wrong Password   If you are anything like me, you cannot remember all of your passwords. So you encourage Firefox (or Internet Explorer or Chrome) to remember your passwords for you. But sometimes, for whatever reason, the wrong password gets in there, and no matter how many times […]

Untag or Report a Post on Facebook

Want to Untag or Get a Post Removed From Facebook? Sometimes people post things and tag your name in them. Other times you might come across spam, malware attempts or even a post so inappropriate that you feel Facebook needs to know about it.  Images of child pornography or rape come to mind for this […]

Facebook Hashtags and Privacy

Worried about Facebook Hashtags and Their Impact on Privacy? As you probably know by now, Facebook has implemented hashtags on its site.  What is a hashtag?  It is using the pound sign, #, in front of a statement or phrase.  For example, right now I am watching the finale of The Voice.  Cher was just […]

Taking someone’s phone is illegal. Sharing what you find is also illegal. Please tell your children.

Several years ago I spoke in front of a group of 17 year old high school students for law day. One of the issues that came up involved whether it would be legal to hack into someone’s Facebook account to then taunt that person. In this case the example we used involved making negative comments […]

What is a computer kill switch – and what does it mean to you?

Kindle Kill Switch Over the past few years there have been some controversies relating to smart phones, tablets, e-readers and what is called a kill switch.  A kill switch, simply explained, is the ability to remove or modify something from an electronic device of some kind. You might recall that in 2009 Amazon erased, of […]

Facebook’s New Data Use / Privacy Policy

Facebook has a new data use policy, which is, as usual, controversial. Facebook is using your stuff To sum it up, Facebook wants to share your data. And it is telling you so. Facebook wants to use your data for marketing. And it is telling you so. Facebook might open or become part of an […]

Now that’s secure Bluehost!

As I have mentioned before, I switched my web hosting to Bluehost recently. Bluehost is recommended as the top WordPress host on the web, and so far, I have nothing to suggest that assessment is incorrect. I found the process very easy. At least on Bluehost’s side. 1and1 has been a pain in the butt. […]