GISHWHES The Scaveger Hunt That Has Me Acting A Bit Nutty

I don’t believe I will surprise anyone when I say I am not known for my frivolity. It isn’t that I can’t appreciate or tell a joke, but I am also known to be a pretty serious person to the general public. So there is a great deal of confusion going on for people who […]

Let’s Pause for a Moment of Cute

I have previously written about my dog, Curtis D. Ellis.  Curtis frequently appears in my lectures due to his great success on Facebook. Curtis has a funny relationship with my cats.  For the most part he ignores them, though when I turn on the vacuum he chases them. Misplaced aggression I guess, since he will […]

Did you read the dictionary? Do you get lost on the web?

I just had an interesting exchange with someone via email. She expressed that she was impressed with what I knew. In return I explained to her that I only know a lot because I love to read. I further explained that the basis of my knowledge began as a child when I would read dictionaries […]

Random contacts from reading my blog – Thank You and Happy New Year

Over the past few weeks I have received several phone calls from people who needed assistance, read one of my blog posts and were wondering if I could help. One call was from a fellow attorney and the others from lay people. I am always happy to help people when I can and am honored […]

Disgraceful rape case + social media = the attention of Anonymous

This morning I read about a rape case in Ohio that is especially disturbing. The reason for this is that a girl was repeatedly raped by two football players. Instead of reporting the rape, other young people created video joking about the rape, tweeted about it, and even posted pictures of two teenage boys holding […]

My last (I think) moving stuff review – removing stains from stainless steel

So, here is my last piece of moving/cleaning advice for you. You know those horrible rust stains you sometimes get in a stainless steel sink? I get them because I have a tendency to let my cast iron fry pan sit in my sink for too long.  I looked at these stains in horror wondering […]

Need to get a juice stain out of carpet? Here’s how.

Continuing on with my moving theme, I would like to tell you how you can actually remove juice (and I imagine wine) stains from carpet. Even if the stain is set in. I have a couple of juice stains on my carpet in my old townhome. You would think my problem would be pet stains, […]

Boxes for moving

While I am reviewing stuff, let’s talk about moving boxes. I explored a lot of options before making my box moving decision . In the end, I purchased boxes from three different companies; Lowes, U-Haul and Next Day Boxes.   Lowes The majority of my boxes came from Lowes. The positive, Lowes boxes are inexpensive. […]

Logs v Duraflame v Stax v Uncle Ethans Which is Best for Starting a Fire?

I now have my first fireplace since I left home at the age of 17. When I picked my new home, the fact it had a fireplace didn’t play into my choice, but I was very pleased to have one all the same. I love having a fire on a cold day and I have […]

Announcement – I am Joining a Philadelphia Area Law Firm

Some of you are aware that I have taken a position with a law firm in Philadelphia. For various reasons I have not yet announced the name of the firm. Well, now I can.  My new firm is called Lowenthal & Abrams. L&A has offices throughout Pennsylvania and into New Jersey and New York. I […]