Slides from the PBI Real Estate Institute – Client Data Security

My slides from the PBI Real Estate Institute. My presentation was on client data security, ethical issues and technological solutions. Slides for the PBI Real Estate Institute on Security Client Data from Jennifer Ellis, JD, LLC

Keeping Your Data Secure – Powerpoint

Presentation for the Philadelphia chapter of NALS on Keeping Your Data Secure. This powerpoint provides advice to the layperson on basic steps they can take to protect themselves.  

Keeping Electronic Data Secure

I recently presented this seminar to NALS Philadelphia. They asked me to discuss issues related to personal data security. Staying Secure Electronically from Jennifer Ellis

I got a Bonsaii DocShred for Home Shredding

Everyone Should Have a Shredder at Home With the risk of identity theft only increasing, a shredder is no longer a suggestion it is a requirement. However, the right kind of shredder is also crucial. Old fashioned shredders will no longer do the job. You need a shredder that will essentially create confetti, not just strips. […]

Want an Alarm System? No Phone Line? No Problem.

Wireless Alarm Systems Don’t Always Require Phone Lines As part of cutting cords I chose to get rid of my traditional phone service. I used to have VOIP through Verizon, but I got rid of that in favor of Ooma. The problem with Ooma is that I cannot hook it up to an alarm system. […]

Amorican Express??

More American Express Shenanigans by Scammers   I have written previously about efforts by scammers to get American Express information from me.  I’d like to tell you about another one. The email went into Spam, which was, of course, a clue. But it also went to the wrong address, which is another big one.  Another clue, […]

Don’t Get Hacked – Protecting Your Data

Protecting Your Data – What You Need to Know to Avoid Being Hacked   I wrote a blog post for my law firm on ways you can protect your data so you can avoid being hacked like Jennifer Lawrence.  Read the full post here. To summarize: Have strong passwords. 12-14 characters with a mixture of […]

How a Strong Password Stopped a Password Attack

Strong Passwords Block Password Attacks A website I run experienced a password attack. This means that someone, either by hand or computer, was repeatedly trying to break into the administrative panel of the site by guessing the password. Why? Who knows. It may be someone who doesn’t like the company. It may be someone who […]

More About Sucuri – CloudProxy

Sucuri CloudProxy   While I am discussing security and Sucuri, I’d like to talk to you about CloudProxy.  CloudProxy is a firewall for your website. You are no doubt familiar with denial of service attacks.  These attacks are used to take even the most robust of websites down. There are other kinds of attacks that […]

Sucuri & Protecting Your Website

Keep Your Website Safe With Sucuri   I realized today that I am more inclined to give negative reviews than positive. Isn’t that the way? So when someone asked me in response to my post on Sitelock if there are any good companies for keeping your website safe, I realized, this is the time to […]