3rd Circuit Uses Preponderance for Facebook Chat Admission

Preponderance of the Evidence for Facebook Chat Admission In an issue of first impression, the 3rd Circuit provided an analysis for authentication and admission of social media evidence. The authentication standard is preponderance of the evidence. The case is US v. Browne (opinion filed August 25, 2016.) Background The case involves Tony Jefferson Browne, who used […]

How I Preserve Social Media Evidence

Preserving Social Media Evidence I recorded this video for the PBA Solo and Small Firm Practice Section Conference. I am sharing it because I thought people might like to know how I go through the process of preserving social media evidence.

Interviewed by Legal Talk Network about SEO

I had the honor to be interviewed by the Legal Talk Network. We talked about SEO (search engine optimization.)

“I Have Arrived!” Sexism, Facebook and Politics

My Experience With Casual Misogyny A couple of weeks or so ago I broke my usual rule on offering political opinions on Facebook and wrote the following: “Tom Cotton is an Ass.” Why did I write this? I wrote it, because as a gay person, I was pretty offended that Tom Cotton felt it was appropriate […]

Facebook Clarifies Its Rules – Nudity, Bullying, Revenge Porn, Hate Speech & More

Facebook Updates its Community Standards An area of substantial confusion on Facebook involves what is and what is not allowed in terms of nudity, hate speech, stalking and other content. For example, many women complained that pictures of beheading were allowed, while pictures of breastfeeding were not. In addition, many victims of stalking would complain […]

Free Webinar on SEO

Teaching Free Webinar on SEO – Thursday May 29, 2014 Tomorrow, I am teaching a free webinar on SEO basics.  The seminar is being offered by MyCase.  Sign up for free. My goal in teaching this webinar is to provide lawyers (and other business people) with some specific information that they can use immediately.   […]

Worried about Facebook Privacy for Old Posts? Use Limit Old Posts

Want to Make Sure Old Facebook Posts Are Limited to Friends?   Every now and again, you might wonder with whom you shared a post. But finding those old posts so you can check the settings can be difficult.  Fortunately, Facebook has an easy way to limit who can see your old posts.  The tool […]

Social Media is Networking NOT Marketing

Lawyers Should Understand – Social Media is Networking   Recently, a colleague who is also a client paid me the biggest compliment she could. She referred someone else to me for help with a social media presence.  This new potential client is a realtor.  To my mind, realtors are a lot like lawyers in terms […]

Unhiding the Facebook Map – Again

Lost Your Facebook Map? Here’s How to Get It Back Much like deleting posts, Facebook keeps changing how to remove or show your map.  Otherwise known as places, I think I get more questions about hiding or showing the map than pretty much any other item on Facebook.  So here you go.  The new way […]

How to Delete a Facebook Post from your Timeline (The New Way)

(New) Instructions on How to Delete a Post from Facebook Sometimes it seems like I no sooner provide instructions on how to do something on Facebook, than Facebook changes it. This is the case with restoring your Facebook map (you can’t) or deleting a post on Facebook (it’s changed.) I get questions about deleting a […]

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