Laptop Plugged in Won’t Charge

I just experienced the problem of my having my laptop plugged in but not charging. The problem came out of the blue, when I purchased a new adapter for my laptop. I put back in the old adapter, but my laptop (HP Spectre 360) still wouldn’t charge. Given the timing and the fact that my […]

Keeping Your Data Secure – Powerpoint

Presentation for the Philadelphia chapter of NALS on Keeping Your Data Secure. This powerpoint provides advice to the layperson on basic steps they can take to protect themselves.  

How I Preserve Website Evidence

The Steps I Take to Preserve Website Evidence at L&A Sometimes, the content I write for Lowenthal & Abrams crosses boundaries and might be of interest to those who read this site. Today I wrote about how I use a program called I use a program called HtTrack to preserve website evidence.

Try iExplorer to Preserve Client Text Messages on iPhones

How to Backup Messages from your iPhone: Try iExplorer I don’t encourage lawyers to communicate with clients about their cases through text message, but, if you are going to do so, you need to preserve those messages and put them in the client’s file. I am not talking about messages such as, “see you in five […]

Should You Upgrade to Windows 10?

Upgrade to Windows 10? Maybe, Maybe Not. I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 a few days ago. It was a slow process, but aside from that, I had no problems. I just had to ignore my laptop while it went through the upgrade. However, many of my friends and colleagues have had issues. So […]

I Tried ParkWhiz

ParkWhiz Says it Helps Make Parking Easy Recently, I had occasion to drive into New York City with my sister, Loren, my nephew Tyler and my niece, Maddie. My sister told me she would be staying in the City for a while and, so, of course, I told her to stay over the night before […]

Weak WiFi in Your House? Try a WiFi Range Extender

Review of the N300 WiFi Range Extender Today I installed a product I have recommended to others but never had reason to use myself before, a WiFi extender. What is a WiFi Range Extender? As the name suggests, a WiFi range extender, also known as a WiFi repeater, increases  the range of your router. Many […]

Why is my iPad / iPhone So Slow???

My iPad / iPhone is Slow! What is Wrong? Ok, so this is a simple thing, but it causes a lot of grief. I actually have run into this several times, most recently at a doctor’s office when the receptionist was complaining that her iPhone was running slowly. I said, “here, give it to me.” […]

Want an Alarm System? No Phone Line? No Problem.

Wireless Alarm Systems Don’t Always Require Phone Lines As part of cutting cords I chose to get rid of my traditional phone service. I used to have VOIP through Verizon, but I got rid of that in favor of Ooma. The problem with Ooma is that I cannot hook it up to an alarm system. […]

Companies Making it Harder to Cut the Cable Cord

Trying to Watch Shows Online? Better Have a Subscription A lot of tv stations have put their popular shows on their websites for free. This is nothing new. In fact, this is the basis for a lot of people dropping their cable service (otherwise known as cutting the cord.) They figure they can just watch […]