Laptop Plugged in Won’t Charge

I just experienced the problem of my having my laptop plugged in but not charging. The problem came out of the blue, when I purchased a new adapter for my laptop. I put back in the old adapter, but my laptop (HP Spectre 360) still wouldn’t charge. Given the timing and the fact that my […]

Should You Upgrade to Windows 10?

Upgrade to Windows 10? Maybe, Maybe Not. I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 a few days ago. It was a slow process, but aside from that, I had no problems. I just had to ignore my laptop while it went through the upgrade. However, many of my friends and colleagues have had issues. So […]

Office 365 Tech Support Makes Me Want to Bang My Head on my Desk

I Hate Office 365 Tech Support   Understand, I don’t use the word hate lightly. There is very little I hate. I don’t like calamari, for example. But I don’t hate it. So maybe I should say I dislike Office 365 tech support. But I really really dislike it. Why? Because it is useless. They […]

Update on Office 365

What is it Like to Have Office 365? I have been remiss. I promised to write a detailed post on Office 365, and I haven’t done so. Fortunately someone reminded me lately by asking. As I mentioned previously, I switched to Office 365 Small Business Premium in mid May. Previously, I used only cloud based […]

Cloud or Hard Drive Backups?

Which Should You Do? Cloud or Hard Drive Backups? Flying home from a conference yesterday, I had a man and his wife sitting next to me.  I was reading a book on  my iPad to pass the time.  When the wife went to the bathroom, the man started asking me questions about my iPad.  Not […]

Prezi – the Presentation App that Makes me Nauseous

Prezi Makes me Sick Currently I am getting over the norovirus that is sweeping the nation. Normally I wouldn’t mention this except it is relevant to my point, which is: I attended a webinar today that literally made me ill. The speaker used an app called Prezi.  Within several minutes of the start of the […]

Thank you Pokki for giving me back my Windows 8 Start Menu

I Want my Start Menu in Windows 8 The greatest inanity of Windows 8 is the lack of a start menu. I am consistently frustrated, even though I have a touchscreen laptop, by the loss of start, and I remain sorely puzzled as to why this aspect of Windows was removed.  It makes no sense. […]

Got a Windows 8 Laptop and yes, the lack of a start menu is stupid

As suspected, my old laptop gave up the ghost on Saturday. So, the time came, and I bought a nice, inexpensive, touch screen laptop with Windows 8. I ended up going for a Sony Vaio, low end, cost me $699. Why did I pick it? Because it had what I needed, and didn’t cost a […]