Try iExplorer to Preserve Client Text Messages on iPhones

How to Backup Messages from your iPhone: Try iExplorer I don’t encourage lawyers to communicate with clients about their cases through text message, but, if you are going to do so, you need to preserve those messages and put them in the client’s file. I am not talking about messages such as, “see you in five […]

Why is my iPad / iPhone So Slow???

My iPad / iPhone is Slow! What is Wrong? Ok, so this is a simple thing, but it causes a lot of grief. I actually have run into this several times, most recently at a doctor’s office when the receptionist was complaining that her iPhone was running slowly. I said, “here, give it to me.” […]

Ooma – My Experience

I Got an Ooma Like many people, I am trying to lower the cost of my cable and Internet service. Since I moved, I decided this was the time. I needed a replacement for my phone (cell won’t do for business calls) and so I went with Ooma. Installation I had trouble with installation. Not […]

Modern Banking: Depositing Checks by Smart Phone

How to Deposit a Check in the Era of Modern Banking – With a Click When I moved, I needed to find a new bank. I decided to give a small, local bank my business and am happy with my decision. One of the reasons I chose the bank is because it had an app […]

Prezi – the Presentation App that Makes me Nauseous

Prezi Makes me Sick Currently I am getting over the norovirus that is sweeping the nation. Normally I wouldn’t mention this except it is relevant to my point, which is: I attended a webinar today that literally made me ill. The speaker used an app called Prezi.  Within several minutes of the start of the […]

Update on Rondee – Free Conference Calling

You might recall that I had a disastrous experience with the free conference call service Rondee.  Well, yesterday  (October 28) I got an email from the CEO, which I will post in full here.  You will note the CEO states that they updated their Twitter feed. That is interesting, because when I was looking for […]

Got my HTC Evo 4G LTE

I got my new Evo. I’ll walk you through my early thoughts. Size   When I opened the box and took out the phone, I was surprised at how light and th in it is. I knew in my head that it was both bigger (screen) and smaller (thickness) than my Motorola Photon, but I […]

Time for me to get a new phone – no, not an iPhone

I frequently find myself buying a new phone as the new iPhone comes out. Not really that much of a coincidence, I tend to buy a new phone every year or so. In my line of work, I need to stay on the relative cutting edge of the technology. Why not an iPhone? This year, […]