lead to my family finding a forgotten branch

About 6 months ago (I think) I filled out a bunch of information on I must admit to being encouraged to do so by the tv show “Who do you think you are.” But after finding quite a bit of information, I reached a dead end, became very busy, and stopped. Probably not uncommon […]

Sorting out political truth

Truth and politics don’t always go hand in hand. During this important political year, if you would like to keep track of the truth, here are two sites you might find useful: Pulitzer prize winning site that sorts through the shades of grey. Debunks all sorts of falsehoods.   Don’t be taken […]

Attorneys, consider law month for some pro bono publico

A lot of lawyers perform what is called pro bono publico. The term means for the public good, but it really just means a free service of some kind. When most people think pro bono they think about an attorney handling a case for free, but there are many other ways for an attorney to […]

Oh My. If I ever meet the Bad Jennifer Ellis…

Remember the Bad Jennifer Ellis? Sure you do.  If you don’t, you can catch up here and here. I’ll wait. Ready? Well, I got another call today.  The person on the call, who is from the folks trying to recover/collect for a Ford Focus, insisted they had two social security numbers now. That only sort […]

What’s a Honey Badger?

I used to be on top of new Internet memes.  What, you don’t know what a meme is?  It is just a way of referring to whatever crazy video, picture, catch phrase, etc. has spread across the Internet of late. Honey badger (not safe for work) was the first time I realized I had lost […]

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!

As the year ends we all have a tendency to look back and see what happened during the past year. I look back and am amazed by what has happened. I guess it happened so quickly I didn’t even see it coming. During 2011 I left my job of 12+ years and started working as […]

Aww, I got a free grope as a post-thanksgiving present and some thoughts on packing for trips

My experience being felt-up at the airport and some advice on packing for the plane.

My experience on 9/11 and my flight home a few days later.

Every year, as September 11 draws near, this is the question people ask. Where were you on 9/11?  Today, my mind really focused on that day due to a radio program. People were sharing their memories; both those who lost family members and those who survived. What really did it for me was the mention […]