Can you fix an incorrect location on your Facebook map?

Locations on Facebook come from two spots.

1. You make them up

2. You tag an already existing location from a page or a Facebook “location.”

If you make up the location you have complete control over what the address, but you will need to go to the source to make the change. For example, if you own a page for your business and the address is incorrect, go back to the page and fix it. If there is a location page for your business and you don’t currently control it, request control from Facebook.

If you don’t control the location, you can only request changes. You do that by going to the page itself and suggesting a change, or by accessing the change request through your map. The process is as follows:

If you hover your mouse next to the name of the location on the map, a pen will appear. Click on it to edit the location.

If you cannot edit the location, you will see this. Not how it reads “Suggest Information.” Your request is either sent to Facebook or to the owner of the page (depending on the situation.) Then it may or may not be corrected.


  1. I logged into my Facebook account and now it brings me to Vietnam how do I change back to the United States I never changed my location before but why would it default to Vietnam how can I fix that

  2. What would cause it to change to Vietnam I never touched it it just automatically default it to Vietnam when I logged in. Can you send me step by step instructions I don’t use Facebook that much and on the videos a lot of them don’t make sense to me

  3. Maybe I’m explaining it wrong when I login to my homepage it brings up people from Vietnam not my friends or the United States how do I change that from Vietnam I don’t know anybody in Vietnam. Why is the defaulting with people from Vietnam how do I fix that?

    • That is odd. Maybe your country setting is wrong?
      Click on “About”
      Click on “Places You’ve Lived” (List on left)
      Look at the city that is listed. If it is wrong, hover over it and click on Edit.
      Otherwise, I don’t know.

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