Happy Thanksgiving – Here’s a Scam IRS Call

Watch Out for Scam IRS Calls Today and Every Day


IRS Phone ScamFirst, I wish everyone here in the US a Happy Thanksgiving. And Hanukkah.  I hope you get plenty of latkas and turkey.

Second, I want to warn you that someone is making scam calls pretending to be from the IRS.  The person called me at 7:50 am (EST).  He claimed to be from the IRS, stating there are problems with my taxes.

Now, as it happens, I know there are no problems with my taxes.  I also know that the IRS is not calling anyone at 7:50 am.  And I especially know that the IRS is not calling anyone on Thanksgiving.  How do I know this? Because the IRS, like everyone but certain retail and other establishments, is closed.

I literally laughed when the person said he was from the IRS. I told him to get lost. He called me back. This time, I told him to F-off. He called again. He told me I had better be careful, since he is from the IRS. I laughed again, told him it was clearly a fraudulent call and to go away.  He called me a total of 6 times. Persistent moron, isn’t he?  Anyway, he finally stopped when I said, the IRS is not open on Thanksgiving.  Call again and I am calling the police, since you forgot to block your number.

After about 20 minutes I called back, curious to see what would happen. (I blocked my number.)  The guy answered the phone “IRS how can I help you.” I could hear a lot of people talking in the background, so this is some kind of call center.  He claimed his name is John Carter. Maybe he likes bad movies?

My guess, a good number of people will be getting fake calls from the IRS today.

The person was a heavily accented man, calling from the number 530-377-6497

If you get a call like this, please report it to the Treasury.

For more information, read Kelly Erb’s post on tax scammers trying the same thing during the shut down. Here is a warning from the IRS on the same subject.

I would also like to suggest, it might be fun, to wish the “IRS” Happy Thanksgiving. By calling this fake number. Over and over.  Perhaps it will help cut down the number of IRS scam calls for the day.




  1. thanks for the heads up! But it doesn’t surprise me at all. I got a call before from someone claiming to be from IRS and that I owed them taxes. She demanded I pay it back through prepaid debit cards to avoid lawsuit. Lol! I hung up and report the phone number to Callercenter.com to raise a warning. People should be made aware of this scheme.

  2. Recieved this call Sat morning at 7:30 in the morning. The guy on the other end told me he was from the IRS. I asked him for his credentials and he gave me an employee number (48539) his english was and is terrible. I had to ask him several times for that specific information. He then directed me to call Michael Johnson at 1-530-377-6497 this is the same number that this other guy called me from. I call this number and Michael answers the phone, he tells me that my wife has some tax issues when I ask him from what year he gets agitated and threatened me with legal action and hangs up. I have caller ID usually if you get a call from the a government number the caller ID will recognize that and it will display as such. Also if you are delinquent or have a tax issue a certified letter or at the least a notice will be sent to your residence. Also these guys spoke terrible english even though they claimed to have american names.

    • I think it is interesting that they call when the IRS is actually closed. I guess they are hoping that in their fear and inability to reach the real IRS, people will just pay.

  3. I received a phone call from some guy claiming to be from the IRS. I didn’t answer the call because I screen my phone calls first. They left a message from 530-377-6497, the caller ID told me the number, and I could not understand the message except the word IRS. I thought it was odd to receive a call from someone who sounded like a disabled person and a robot. Why would the IRS have someone call who could not speak very well. Also, the phone number was from across the United States and not where we live. We have an office here, why get a call from so far away.
    They called a second time to leave a message and this time I could make out most of the message. Same guy claiming to be Steve Long. He must watch a lot of porn.
    Anyway, he said they would drop the lawyer charges if we resolved the issue and to please call. He was very polite at the end. If I was in that much trouble, why the polite ending.
    I called the number to see what the person would say. They must have caller ID because he said IRS how may I help you?
    After researching on the Web, I found that the phone number did not match the numbers on the IRS web site. Also found this site. Thanks for the warning.

  4. Thanks. I googled the number before I was about to transfer the money because he sounded so suspicious. This post came up and I’m so grateful. I’m too gullible early in the morning.

  5. I received a similar call from the same number 530 377 6497 saying he is from IRS. Funny thing is he called on Saturday Dec 14th 9:39AM. Does IRS open on Saturdays? That guy has an American name with horrible accent – I barely understand what he said. I was first terrified but lucky I found this website. Thank you.

  6. I received a call today from phone number 415-251-9552. They first called my home number but my Mother answered and she took a message to call Rebecca from the IRS. My Mother called me on my cell to call this number. When I called a guy named Michael Johnson answered and when I said why I was calling he said “do you have an attorney? I answered no why? he said did you know you have 3 lawsuits against you? regarding wrong tax returns from 2006-2012″ ….he went on an on..saying if I settled out of court I only had to pay $4,995.00 but if I went to court and lost the case I had to pay $19,945 plus 6 months in jail, they would take all my personal belongings, revoke my driver’s license for 3 yrs etc. I was crying when he was reading all of this, and he said ” Mam, we are recording this conversation and it will be used in court, I am trying to help you settle this, anything you say will be used against you in court” he told me I had 2 options only: To pay the $4,995 or go to court. He also mentioned something about having the sheriff coming to arrest me at work. I am in tears crying and told him I would pay the $4,995 but I didn’t have it right away. He said you have to pay an amount today and then make payment arrangements, how much can you pay now? I said nothing I only have $200 in my account, he says? can you pay $500 I said no. So he said, you don’t have anyone that can lend you the money, I said let me talk to my boss and ask for an advance or loan… he said I give you 30 minutes to call me back, I said my boss was in a meeting that I would call in 2 hrs,. After I hung up, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, and googled the number and saw his name all over, yes with a Hindi accent. He just called a few minutes ago from a different number this time from 800-829-1040 now, I hung up, I panicked again, since this number is from the IRS, but went to the IRS website, and they claim these people are using this number to show on the caller id. These people should go to jail, they can’t be doing this to people. It’s not fair to interrupt your day and torture you like this.

    • These people generally live in different countries and are all but untraceable. That is why the US government can’t do much about it. Your best bet is to simply ignore them if they call again. If someone claims to be calling from the IRS in the future, go to the IRS website, look up the number for the IRS on the website, call that number directly. The folks are doing what is called spoofing to make it look like the call is coming from the IRS. You should always insist on calling back and only call back the number that is on the IRS website. The IRS does not initiate calls like this in which the employees make threats of this kind. The IRS generally contacts people via mail and is fine working things out as long as the person is cooperative.

      I am sorry you went through this. It is a terrible thing that these people are doing.

  7. Just got one of these calls. The dead giveaways are: the call was left on a Saturday morning – IRS doesn’t call demanding money and they don’t do it on a Saturday; the caller had a horrible Indian accent that is very hard to understand.

    Of course the caller left a 202 area code, which belongs to Washington D.C.

    I haven’t given them anything – no personal/banking information and I have not called back. I did report the number to the FTC and the Treasury Inspector General. maybe that will do some good.

    These guys are scamsters who are apparently operating from overseas, where it is hard for the government to get them. It seems this scam has been operating for some number of years now and is the most pervasive phone scam in the US. I feel very sorry for those who were victimized, even if they did not lose any money. The threats and overall nastiness of the the callers are enough to traumatize anyone.

  8. I got a call from 202 506 9044 this morning4/14/14 @ 10:30 am but i did not answer because I dont recognize the #. They left a message and said he is john o connor from IRS. His message was a bit out of whack and nasty so i called back. He had a heavy accent. He asked some kind of weird questions and I sensed right away this is a scam call. I asked him some questions too but he didn’t answer. Instead he hanged up. I called back several time from my blocked # and that # seems became a not working #.

  9. Wow! I received a call and had to play it back 3 times just to understand what the man was saying, his accent was thick! And, his name was John Carter? Now, that’s funny. I was startled as well since they said IRS even though I’m up to date on taxes. Thanks for sharing.

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