Law Practice Management Consulting Services

Law Practice Management Consulting Services

My goal as a law practice management consultant, is to help attorneys and law firms improve their bottom line.  Most of my work involves online marketing.  However, I am also a frequent speaker and adviser on technology. In addition, I sometimes assist businesses desiring to enter into the legal vertical market.  If you would like to retain my services, please contact me at 717-256-1638.


My main focus is online marketing for lawyers. This includes building websites, writing content, performing search engine optimization, assisting with social media, creating marketing plans and more.  Due to my schedule, I rarely take on long-term SEO projects. Normally I get sites up and running with a solid SEO foundation.  In addition, I fix sites that need to be rewritten and/or redesigned.  Once I complete a project, I teach people how to do their own SEO and then continue to assist as needed. However, I do have monthly relationships with certain clients.


When asked for a proposal, I first provide a potential client with a detailed plan.  Then I tell the client what she should do and in what order she should do it. In that way, we can move as slowly or as quickly as the client desires.  I like to give the client a chance to see what kind of success I can offer and to keep the firm within a budget that makes it comfortable. I do not feel it is necessary to do everything at once.  What matters is the client’s comfort level with the work we do together.

Objective Advice on SEO Firms

Since I rarely take on long-term SEO projects, I am frequently asked to provide my opinion on other SEO companies.  In terms of this service, I review proposals and provide objective assessments on what SEO firm is best for a particular law firm and whether an SEO proposal is reasonable and appropriate for the law firms’ geographical location and practice areas.

Education of Others

I educate attorneys and other professionals by speaking, either in a private setting (in-house training, lectures at law firms, retreats,) or in a public setting such as CLE events. I am a frequent speaker for bar associations and other groups. CLE organizations are always looking for good speakers with interesting topics. You will forgive my immodesty when I say I offer both. I most frequently speak on social media, online marketing, technology, ethics, and law practice management.


When a firm tells me it wants me to help with its technology, I analyze what the firm is using and help it identify solutions. I suggest tools for cloud-based and/or local backup, email management, document comparison, pdf creation, you name it. I will even advise on alarm systems. I provide whatever training is necessary or offer recommendations for training that comes with the software or services. I also follow up to make sure my clients are comfortable with the solutions I suggest and the implementation of those solutions.

Legal Vertical

As a result of my PBI experience, which was fundamentally marketing to attorneys, businesses which want to reach the vertical market sometimes seek out my help. I am picky about who I help. I have to believe that whatever it is I am being asked to bring to lawyers is actually something that will make the attorney’s life easier, her firm more successful, her staff happy. But if the product will do all of those things, absolutely, I am thrilled to help the business get the attention it craves.

My Independence

It is important to point out that I am independent. This means I won’t put myself in a position where I receive a kickback for helping sell a product. I will only recommend a product to someone if I believe it is truly the best product. I don’t work on commission and while I am a certified consultant for various businesses, I won’t take the money that they offer if someone buys a product because I recommended it. I also always make people aware if a business is a client of mine.

Contact Me

If you would like to speak with me about my consulting services, please feel free to contact me at 717-256-1638.