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Attorney Website Design

Lawyer Web DesignAs an attorney, I am in a unique position to understand the needs of other lawyers when it comes to their websites. As an ethics lawyer, I am acutely aware of my colleague’s concerns about creating a proper presence online. If you are interested in having me design a site for you, please contact me.

I take on very few design projects these days. However, if I cannot assist you, I will be happy to recommend folks who I know do very good work.

Costs for Law Firm Websites

A simple website costs between $2500 and $5000. Let me tell you why I don’t charge a lot for website design. I really like solo and small firm attorneys (I am vice-chair of the PBA Solo and Small Firm Section.) I want solos and small to be able to have excellent websites. In fact, I wrote a book telling lawyers how they can make their own websites with WordPress. So, I figured out how I could create high quality websites at a reasonable price and identified a web designer who felt the same way I did.  This is one of the reasons all of our sites are designed in WordPress.


When law firms hire lay people to create their sites, ethical problems can result  It is crucial that you choose someone who appreciates the unique ethical obligations we attorneys are required to follow.  I am a frequent speaker and author on issues surrounding ethics and technology.  I take ethics and advertising very seriously and apply that philosophy to every site I create. If you would like me to review your site to see if it is ethically appropriate, I can assist you. I cannot provide you with legal advice in any state outside of Pennsylvania, of course.

Ease of Use – No Long Term Contract

When I design a website, I teach my clients how they can update the site on their own. While I am happy to help you update your site as needed, I am also pleased to help you limit your costs by making sure you are able to do much of the work on your own. I do not require a long term contract.  I am flexible in regard to whether and how we continue to work together once your site is complete.

Need a Law Firm Website?

If you would like to have a website that is designed and implemented by another attorney, feel free to contact me to discuss working together.