Selected Websites

We’ve created a number of websites for law firms.  Here are a few.

1. My website – Jennifer Ellis, JD – I created this website myself using WordPress, with Genesis and Studiopress. This is actually the 4th website I created for myself. The first was html, the rest WordPress based. Obviously, I wrote the content.

2. Colbert & Grebas – I helped with the content but did not write it.  I started the site out with solid SEO.

2. Howett, Kissinger & Holst – HKH Law is a high end family law firm in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. We created the site and I wrote the content (not the blog posts.) The firm wanted a simple, clean looking site. Of course, simple on the front, doesn’t mean simple on the back.  All the same, from first meeting to finished, this site was done in a month.

3. Wix, Wenger, & Weidner – This is a traditional HTML, CSS website. We did not write any content or perform any SEO on the site. The firm had a site, but wanted a refresh.

4. The Law Office of Luther E. Milspaw, Jr. –  I used WordPress with Genesis and Studiopress to create the site. This is actually a site I created in a couple of days. Chip wrote the content.

5. Daley, Zucker, Meilton, Miner & Gigrich – We just completed a redesign. I have written some of the content and adjusted other parts of the content. I also created the Facebook and Google+ pages for this site.

6. Lowenthal & Abrams – This is the site on which I spend most of my time. The content, for the most part, is mine.   L&A has a substantial social media presence, all of which I created.