Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Lawyers

SEO - search engine optimization for lawyersEssentially, search engine optimization (SEO) means improving the chances that the people you want to find your website will find it.

Help Choosing an SEO Firm?

Due to my limited time, I am not the person to hire if you need a substantial number of articles or pages written every day. I am not a long term SEO solution. As a result, I am happy to help attorneys by working with them to choose the best SEO firm for their firms.  If you need assistance choosing an SEO firm, we can discuss your needs, and then you can show me whatever proposals you have or I can seek proposals on your behalf. Then I can assist you in choosing the best SEO company to meet your needs.

Quality Content

As you can see, I am a prolific writer. I write blog posts for myself because I enjoy doing so. Writing blog posts for others is a natural extension of my interest and skill in writing. My posts here are really just random things that come to my mind, things I believe will help other folks. Ironically, I don’t focus on my own SEO at all. But if you look you will see something. My search engine optimization is quite good. It is because of the quality of my content.

What is Content for SEO Purposes?

Content can mean blog posts, web pages, social media, videos, and so on. Regardless of the medium, in every case I focus on the quality of the content. Putting high quality content on a website both increases the SEO of that site, and increases the online reputation of the law firm (or business) that owns the site. In addition, by providing useful content to potential clients, the firm is serving an important purpose, educating the public, including those who might choose to hire it.

Want to Create Your Own Content?

Some firms like to create their own content, but they are not sure what to do with it once they create it. So they have me post it. I adjust the content to make sure it is readable, contains appropriate links, has an interesting title, and uses the relevant key words. Next I post the content, and then circulate it through the appropriate social media sites. (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)  When appropriate, I write the back-end SEO content  as well (titles, descriptions, etc.) I also assist with video, and have even been known to edit clips from time-to-time.

Advice on Content?

I help people come up with ideas for blog posts, videos, what have you. If necessary, I will help connect people to help with the content creation, for example, videos for YouTube. Normally this involves teaching more than any kind of long term work.  Many of my public continuing legal education seminars provide this kind of information for free. So check them out.

SEO Advice?

I review websites to see whether their SEO is appropriate. Then I make recommendations for change, or make the changes myself. I also will communicate with the SEO firm for the law firm. Sometimes misunderstandings occur simply because of difference in language. A quick conversation can often resolve all sorts of confusion and hard feelings. I actually am very happy to work with other SEO firms and designers.


Contact Me

Interesting in retaining me to help with your SEO? Send me an email, and we’ll chat. When we talk, we can find out how I can best assist you in the most financially conservative way possible.