Removing Facebook Map From Timeline

Currently the Facebook map shows up on on everyone’s public Timeline page. It is possible to remove the map from that location. Understand, this does not delete the map entirely, you still have a map that people can access.

1. Access your full timeline by clicking on your name.

2. If your map does not show up in the first row, you will need to expand the tabs so you can see it. Click on the downward facing carrot.

3. Once you can see your map, hover your mouse over it until you see a little pen.

4. Click on the pen. Then click on Remove from Favorites.


Again, all you have done is taken the map off of your front page. It still exists.


  1. heidi pearson says:

    I did that now it’s on my main page about 3 items down in on right in full Do not want the map there at all any ideas?

    • If it is showing up as a post delete it. Otherwise I am not quite sure what you mean.

      • I’ve got it there too. It has “Places” as a title. It’s like the “Likes” panel ie doesn’t have an arrow to the centre-line like a post does, and doesn’t give you an “edit or remove” icon when you hover over it like a post does. Can’t see any way to get rid of it.

        • Ah I got it sussed. Having removed maps from my favourites, that big map is visible to ME but NOT to other people. Can check this by using the “View As…” feature available via the cog icon next to “Activity Log”. 🙂

          • Good job

          • J. Wilsonn says:

            I don’t like having it visible to ME. It takes up too much room on my wall, and it also reminds me every day of how little control I have over my own wall. Facebook, listen to your customers and get rid of that map!!!

          • I agree, it is frustrating.

          • Thank you – that brings a little bit of relief. I did the cog test and see that the Places map will NOT be visible on my timeline to the public or subscribers

            BUT it is visible to my friends – I type a few friends names in the box in the upper left of that view screen and see that the Places map reappeared.

  2. Vickie Vogel says:

    I hover and hover and no pen appears.

  3. Can you take a screen shot and put an arrow where you are hovering your mouse?

    • Vickie Vogel says:

      I don’t see an option to do that. I tried hovering in every possible place for many long seconds. No pen appears. I really appreciate your taking the time to deal with all these Facebook problems. It is very kind of you. I am out of time for dealing with this issue. Facebook takes up too much time as it is! I wrote their tech support and they told me to read their privacy policy. Well that was helpful… Thanks anyway, Jennifer!

  4. Jen Slade says:

    I’ve come across this blog because I was searching how to hid my map. I had the same problem following your advice, hovered over the map and no pen appeared. However, I found that if I hit the expand button so everything appeared, then the pen appeared on the map and I could hide it. So, thanks to your advice and a bit of experimenting, I managed it in the end. Still really annoyed that my profile photo album and the cover photo album can’t be hidden.

  5. Hi jennifer,

    i’d like to ask of how can i completely remove the crappy box of map in my timeline. it’s quite annoying. pls help jen. thanks a lot. ^_^

  6. I think I managed to get rid of my annoying facebook map! For each item on the map, I clicked the date just below my name. This took me directly to the item (photo, post, etc). There is a row of small text links, one of which is “edit.” When I click this, I am able to remove the location for that item. After doing this for every item that was displaying on the map, the map no longer appears on my timeline.

  7. I think I have removed it, thanks to you!

  8. Hi 🙂

    I too have a new map ‘feature’ that wasn’t there before! I don’t have the map added to my favourites and have never tagged any of my photos with locations so I was a little surprised to find a map featuring 13 places I had recently visited!

    However, I have found out that the map has appeared because of location tags added by owners of photos that I am tagged in (because I was actually there) and therefore I have no control over the map whatsoever. I can’t delete it, edit any of the location tags or remove them, in fact the only way I can get rid of the map is to delete my name from all the photo’s that other kind people have taken when I have been on days out with them, so I’m stuck with the map!

    Luckily, I have restricted access to any photos and videos tagged of me on my timeline to only relevent people, and they are the same ones who can see my map, but it’s still annoying that I have no control over this map and means I can’t selectively edit individual locations – anyone who I select to view my tagged photos can see every location I have been, regardless of whether I want them to.

    Facebook is getting far too complicated and continually adds these annoyances without warning or thought. 🙁

    • It would be better if Facebook allowed removal of the map feature. It is clear a lot of people don’t want it, don’t like it, and in fact find it quite upsetting.

  9. This (clicking on pen & remove from favorites in top banner header) does NOT remove the map from the timeline, just from the top banner header.

    How does one really remove the map completely?

  10. If a map is appearing on your facebook page, showing your location, here is how to get rid of it.

    First click on the marker on the map to show what it is linked to. Typically it is a photo of you at a particular location. Remember the photo and the date.

    Then click on “Activity Log” in the upper right. In the upper right, you’ll see a pull-down menu, probably labeled “Post and Apps”. Click on it to select “Photos”.

    The photos are sorted by date. Find the photo. Click on the circle just to the right of the photo and select “Hidden from timeline”.

  11. I have deleted all location instances from my bio and posts but there are still about 7 remaining pins on the map that I put there several years ago showing various places I have lived – they are not connected to a post or a photo or anything else but I can’t seem to get rid of them. In the past, you could edit them or delete them but it doesn’t seem like in this new version of Facebook that there is any way to get rid of them.
    Do you know a way Jennifer? Thank you !!

    • Hi Cherry. It would be hard for me to say without looking at them. Can you look at your page as if you are one of your friends, and see if you can actually see them? Maybe once of the Facebook folks who are lurking might have some advice?

      • Hi Jennifer,
        Yes my friends can see them. When I click on any of them, a box comes up showing a photo of the city but no info. It has an x box in the upper right corner which says “close” when you hover over and when I click it closes the box but doesn’t remove the city.

  12. When I am on my places map, the tally at the bottom says
    7 All Places
    0 Places Lived
    0 Trips
    0 Life Events
    0 Photos

    It is the 7 All Places that I am trying to remove OR remove the Places map altogether.
    Thank you for any insights.

    • You cannot remove the map altogether. The best you can do is hide it a bit. As far as removing those 7 places, you need to remove whatever posts or other information relate to those items. You might also check to see if other people can actually see them before you worry. If you don’t want to delete something, for example, you can set it to “only me.”

  13. hi Jennifer, thank you for sharing! Im wondering if you know how to “add the map back” to my timeline. I tried and can’t figure how to do it ….

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