Facebook Clarifies Its Rules – Nudity, Bullying, Revenge Porn, Hate Speech & More

Facebook Updates its Community Standards An area of substantial confusion on Facebook involves what is and what is not allowed in terms of nudity, hate speech, stalking and other content. For example, many women complained that pictures of beheading were allowed, while pictures of breastfeeding were not. In addition, many victims of stalking would complain […]

Unhiding the Facebook Map – Again

Lost Your Facebook Map? Here’s How to Get It Back Much like deleting posts, Facebook keeps changing how to remove or show your map.  Otherwise known as places, I think I get more questions about hiding or showing the map than pretty much any other item on Facebook.  So here you go.  The new way […]

Untag or Report a Post on Facebook

Want to Untag or Get a Post Removed From Facebook? Sometimes people post things and tag your name in them. Other times you might come across spam, malware attempts or even a post so inappropriate that you feel Facebook needs to know about it.  Images of child pornography or rape come to mind for this […]

Facebook Hashtags and Privacy

Worried about Facebook Hashtags and Their Impact on Privacy? As you probably know by now, Facebook has implemented hashtags on its site.  What is a hashtag?  It is using the pound sign, #, in front of a statement or phrase.  For example, right now I am watching the finale of The Voice.  Cher was just […]

Prosecutor Tries to Break Alibi by Allegedly Pretending to be Someone Else on Facebook – Ends Up Breaking His Career

Let’s All Say This Together: Attorneys May Not Pretend to Be Someone Else on Facebook in an Effort to Obtain Evidence An assistant Cuyahoga county prosecutor, I’ll call him AB so I don’t mess up his Google results, allegedly decided it would be a good idea to try to break a defendant’s alibi by chatting […]

Promoted Posts – Facebook has Provided Some Solutions

Some Solutions to the Facebook Promoted Posts Geography Issue It turns out Facebook has provided solutions to some of the issues I have encountered with regard to Promoted Posts. I do not know if these tools existed before, I found them randomly today. Regardless, I found them and look forward to using them to limit […]

Update on Facebook’s Promoted Posts – Why People Get Angry

Facebook Users are Angry about Geography in Promoted Posts In my most recent Facebook promoted posts I have noticed a trend.  Most people are still fine with the posts, but on occasion someone is very unhappy.  In every case (except for the one I mentioned in a previous blog post) the people are upset that […]

Promoted Posts on Facebook

My Experience Using Facebook’s Promoted Posts I have a robust Facebook presence for my law firm, Lowenthal & Abrams.  The page has just under 1700 followers, which, if I say so myself, is pretty good for a small law firm. There are a variety of ways in which I grow the followers for the Facebook […]

Facebook jumps on the social search bandwagon

For some time I have complained about the fact that the data on Facebook has an extremely short useful time period. One example I use is this: If a friend on Facebook writes that a specific movie is good, but I don’t happen to be going to the movies for a month, the fact that […]

Facebook’s Democracy Goes Bye-Bye and Privacy Settings Are Changing

Facebook was never a democracy, but people did have the opportunity to be heard through a vote. Well, Facebook warned us that if at least 30 million people didn’t vote, the right to vote would be taken away. No surprise, not enough people voted, and the right to vote on Facebook changes is now gone. […]