Got a Fake LinkedIn Email – Watch for Phishing

Someone is Phishing LinkedIn Today I had an email from LinkedIn sitting in my junk folder.  It had the exclamation point that posts have when they are marked as important.  Of course, both items caused suspicion for me.  I moved the email from my junk folder so I could look more closely at it, but […]

Removing an Incorrect Skill from LinkedIn

The LinkedIn endorsement system is quite interesting. It confused a lot of people when it showed up, and it is still confusing a lot of people. On the other hand, people are using it quite a bit. So I guess I would have to say that right now, endorsements are a bit of a mixed […]

Posting from Twitter to LinkedIn No Longer Works

With the number of social media networks out there, users rely on the ability to post on one site and automatically share those posts to other sites. For the most part, people seem to prefer Twitter or Facebook.  A lot of Twitter users automatically send their posts to LinkedIn. Twitter has decided to throw a […]