Malware Prevention on WordPress Websites and Blogs

The Greater the Numbers the Greater the Risk of Malware Do you know why Microsoft is prone to more viruses than Mac or Linux? It is because there are a lot more Windows based computers and so if someone wants to cause damage he gets more bang for his buck by creating malware for a […]

Why yes, malware can make your webcam spy on you

Over a year ago I wrote a post about whether your webcam could be watching you. In that post I looked at whether a webcam could be made to spy on its users. The answer, unfortunately, was yes, and I provided examples of two cases in which the actual owners of computers used software to […]

Groupon almost gave me Malware

I have never actually purchased a Groupon deal, but I have thought about it. One that caught my attention recently seemed a bit too good to be true, but I figured I would take a look anyway. The deal offered up to 8 oil changes, and some other services, for $59. Given that one oil […]

It happens to the best of us – I recover my computer from malware

I got to have a proof of concept last night. I had to recover my computer from serious malware. Since I had everything backedup on the cloud, restoration of my computer took very little time.