Can you fix an incorrect location on your Facebook map?

Locations on Facebook come from two spots. 1. You make them up 2. You tag an already existing location from a page or a Facebook “location.” If you make up the location you have complete control over what the address, but you will need to go to the source to make the change. For example, […]

Removing Facebook Map From Timeline

Currently the Facebook map shows up on on everyone’s public Timeline page. It is possible to remove the map from that location. Understand, this does not delete the map entirely, you still have a map that people can access. 1. Access your full timeline by clicking on your name. 2. If your map does not […]

Facebook Map – Privacy Settings

I have been getting a lot of questions about the Facebook map and privacy issues so I am going to provide a detailed explanation of how to remove or hide a location from the map. Step One: Don’t add locations to posts The first thing you should know, is that the best way to prevent […]