Promoted Posts on Facebook

My Experience Using Facebook’s Promoted Posts I have a robust Facebook presence for my law firm, Lowenthal & Abrams.  The page has just under 1700 followers, which, if I say so myself, is pretty good for a small law firm. There are a variety of ways in which I grow the followers for the Facebook […]

Good for Lexis – Help After Sandy

Though I was in the area that was supposed to be seriously affected by Sandy, I was fortunate. We weren’t hit nearly as badly as anyone expected. However, I still got the following email from Lexis: Hello- I hope all is well and that the storm didn’t cause too much damage to your home or business. […]

Facebook Promoted Posts for Law Firm Marketing

Recently, Facebook introduced a concept called promoted posts. This feature allows anyone, whether from a page or an account, to increase the prominence of a post. You can promote anything, a post, picture, video, or for Pages, an offer. For details, see Facebook’s help page on promoted posts. Promoted posts, especially on personal accounts, are […]

Does Social Media Work for Marketing? Well, it got me an interview.

People ask me, does social media work. The answer is yes, it most assuredly does. Allow me to provide an example. A few weeks ago I got an email from a reporter in Maryland. She saw that I had posted about a seminar I am presenting. Where did I post about it? On Twitter. What […]

How to Respond to the Datalogix & Facebook Issue. Online and Offline Steps.

As I noted in a previous post, Facebook and Datalogix are working together to combine your online and offline behavior. My previous post is long, so I wanted to provide a shorter post that contains opt-out instructions. Opt-Out with Datalogix   Datalogix has a privacy page where you can opt-out of the various services. This […]

Book Review – Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing

The neat thing about social media is it enables me to meet all sorts of cool people. One such person is Gerry Oginski, a man considered to be one of the gurus of video legal marketing. Recently Gerry sent me a copy of his Book, “Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing in the Age of YouTube” […]