Microsoft Surface Pro Details Are Out!

Microsoft has finally released the details about the Surface Pro. Pricing The 64 gig version is $899. The 128 gig version is $999. Not sure if this includes the keyboard that is a pain in the butt (well the fingers.)  Doesn’t matter, you will need to add the Hard Type keyboard for another $139. To […]

Got a Call From Microsoft re the Microsoft Surface Customer Service Fail

So, this afternoon I was heading out to beautiful Milford PA, with my dog Curtis hanging in the back seat (I figure I will take him romping through the woods tomorrow.) Windows open, music blaring, I was enjoying my road trip when I got a voicemail from someone named Andrew at Microsoft. Andrew is involved […]

Update on the Microsoft Customer Service Fail

I finally got my labels, and will be returning my Surface RT and keyboard tomorrow. I was made so frustrated by my experience that I am no longer convinced that I should buy the Surface Pro. I will have to revisit the issue when the Pro comes out. But I am concerned that this is […]

Microsoft Fail – My frustrating efforts to return the Microsoft Surface

As I mentioned, I decided to return the Microsoft Surface because I would rather have the Pro. Attempt Number One I called on the 5th to return the Surface RT. The woman was helpful and polite.  She processed the RMA number for both items (the Surface and the Keyboard.)  She asked, have I received the […]

Why I am returning my Microsoft Surface – and waiting for the Pro

People are asking what I have decided to do with the Microsoft Surface. The answer is, I will be returning it. Not because I don’t like it, quite the contrary. But because I want the full version of the device that will enable me to run all of the programs I want to run. My […]

Microsoft Surface – Hard Type Cover Keyboard

When I got home last night a package was sitting at my door. It was labeled “do not show or sell before October 26.” Ah ha, my new keyboard! It was late so I didn’t want to spend much time playing with it, but I could see an immediate difference between the touch keyboard and […]

My thoughts on Microsoft Surface after some heavy use

I have been using the Microsoft Surface a bit now. Here are my thoughts. Usability As I have used the Surface more, I have begun to become quite comfortable with how it works. It is now very easy for me now to remember to swipe from the right when I need to access search, or […]

Odds and Ends on the Microsoft Surface – Continuing my Exploration

So, I continue my exploration of the Microsoft Surface. On Screen Keyboard I was so focused on using the off-screen keyboard that I hadn’t tried the onscreen keyboard much. I like it a lot.  Also, using the pyramid created when you fold back the keyboard and extend the kickstand creates a very stable device, at […]

Most frustrating part of Microsoft Surface – Moving the tiles around

As I work with the Surface I have discovered something extremely frustrating.  It involves moving, adjusting, or deleting the various tiles from the home screen. Essentially, to move a tile you need to hold it down and slide it around. Getting the tiles to do this is extremely frustrating and inconsistent. Even more frustrating is […]

I need a tablet. So is it Microsoft Surface or Apple iPad?

I have avoided getting a full tablet for a while now. My first tablet was an Amazon Kindle, a tablet I bought specifically for consumption. Mainly I wanted it to read books. I bought the Kindle when it first came out and have found it perfect for book reading and web surfing, as well as […]