Update on Office 365

What is it Like to Have Office 365? I have been remiss. I promised to write a detailed post on Office 365, and I haven’t done so. Fortunately someone reminded me lately by asking. As I mentioned previously, I switched to Office 365 Small Business Premium in mid May. Previously, I used only cloud based […]

Installing Office 365 – Make sure you know what you are doing or you will make your website unreachable

A colleague called me for help with Office 365. Someone had installed it for her, but it wasn’t doing quite what she wanted. Fortunately for her, while I was looking at the issue, I happened to pull up her website. I should say I tried to pull up her website, because all I got was […]

Victory on Office 365 Rules!

It seems that enough people spoke up, and the result is VICTORY!  Microsoft has restored the ability to increase rule size up to 256kb in Office 365.  This should be a big help to people who have a lot of rules. My colleague, Ben M. Schorr of Roland Schorr & Tower gave me the news […]