Facebook’s Democracy Goes Bye-Bye and Privacy Settings Are Changing

Facebook was never a democracy, but people did have the opportunity to be heard through a vote. Well, Facebook warned us that if at least 30 million people didn’t vote, the right to vote would be taken away. No surprise, not enough people voted, and the right to vote on Facebook changes is now gone. […]

Facebook’s New Data Use / Privacy Policy

Facebook has a new data use policy, which is, as usual, controversial. Facebook is using your stuff To sum it up, Facebook wants to share your data. And it is telling you so. Facebook wants to use your data for marketing. And it is telling you so. Facebook might open or become part of an […]

How to Respond to the Datalogix & Facebook Issue. Online and Offline Steps.

As I noted in a previous post, Facebook and Datalogix are working together to combine your online and offline behavior. My previous post is long, so I wanted to provide a shorter post that contains opt-out instructions. Opt-Out with Datalogix   Datalogix has a privacy page where you can opt-out of the various services. This […]

More Privacy Facebook Issues – Facebook Connecting Online and Offline Data

Facebook has stepped over yet another line with its marketing as it relates to privacy. It has partnered with a company that is connecting online and offline behavior.

Facebook Map – Privacy Settings

I have been getting a lot of questions about the Facebook map and privacy issues so I am going to provide a detailed explanation of how to remove or hide a location from the map. Step One: Don’t add locations to posts The first thing you should know, is that the best way to prevent […]

Judge Stanton Wettick Rules on Facebook Discovery

Judge Wettick is a a discovery judge. He knows what he is doing. And I have waited for some time to hear what he has to say about Facebook and discovery. I actually had the chance to speak with Judge Wettick about Facebook and discovery some years ago when I asked him to speak at […]