Promoted Posts – Facebook has Provided Some Solutions

Some Solutions to the Facebook Promoted Posts Geography Issue It turns out Facebook has provided solutions to some of the issues I have encountered with regard to Promoted Posts. I do not know if these tools existed before, I found them randomly today. Regardless, I found them and look forward to using them to limit […]

Update on Facebook’s Promoted Posts – Why People Get Angry

Facebook Users are Angry about Geography in Promoted Posts In my most recent Facebook promoted posts I have noticed a trend.  Most people are still fine with the posts, but on occasion someone is very unhappy.  In every case (except for the one I mentioned in a previous blog post) the people are upset that […]

Promoted Personal Facebook Posts

As promised, updating you on promoted posts. I am now able to promote posts from my personal Facebook account, in addition to pages I manage. As Mashable wrote, the cost is $7.  

Facebook Promoted Posts for Law Firm Marketing

Recently, Facebook introduced a concept called promoted posts. This feature allows anyone, whether from a page or an account, to increase the prominence of a post. You can promote anything, a post, picture, video, or for Pages, an offer. For details, see Facebook’s help page on promoted posts. Promoted posts, especially on personal accounts, are […]