Is it ok for attorneys to use the cloud? Ethics and cloud computing

The cloud has been around for a while now, and attorneys are embracing it faster than they have many other forms of technology. I imagine this is because of the dizzying array of services available that help to decrease costs while increasing productivity.This does beg the question though, is it ethically appropriate for attorneys to […]

It happens to the best of us – I recover my computer from malware

I got to have a proof of concept last night. I had to recover my computer from serious malware. Since I had everything backedup on the cloud, restoration of my computer took very little time.

Cell Phone Companies Blocking Stolen Phones

I am a big proponent of selling old phones on ebay (or giving them to charity.) But one of the risks of purchasing a phone is that you will end up with a stolen one. Now the major cell phone providers have stepped up to the plate by making it possible to make stolen phones […]