Does Google Hummingbird Have your Website Humming?

How is your Website Handling Google Hummingbird – Google’s New Search Algorithm?   Oh come on, don’t look at me like that. There is no way I am the only one who is using that joke. From the day I began writing content for other people’s websites, I have been telling them, don’t worry about  […]

Can Negative SEO Hurt a Site? – Anatomy of a Backlink Attack

Can a Website Be Harmed by a Negative SEO Backlink Attack? I Say Yes. It is no surprise to most people who do SEO that there is such a thing as negative SEO. As a result, when Google’s Matt Cutts acknowledged that negative SEO exists and can potentially hurt a site, we pretty much all […]

How to Disavow Links that Hurt your SEO

Help your SEO with Disavow Links If you are one of those law firms who suffered from a so-called SEO expert telling you to buy links, or get whatever links you can, no matter what, you might have found your ranking badly hurt by the changes Google has implemented over the past year or so.  […]