Powerpoint Slides for Pike County Bar Association Social Media Presentation (For Attorneys)

These are the powerpoint slides that accompany the presentation I am doing in Milford, Pennsylvania on November 13, 2012. These slides are mainly of use to attorneys who actually attended my seminar. Most people will find them too vague to be of use without having seen one of my talks. Even if you didn’t attend, […]

Social Media Makes me Feel More Confident and Empowers me to Get Better Results From Networking Events

Most people don’t believe me when I tell them I am shy, but I am. When I have to go to an event, and I don’t know people who will be there, I am very nervous.  I find groups of people absolutely terrifying. In the past, I felt the need to cling to one or […]

Does Social Media Work for Marketing? Well, it got me an interview.

People ask me, does social media work. The answer is yes, it most assuredly does. Allow me to provide an example. A few weeks ago I got an email from a reporter in Maryland. She saw that I had posted about a seminar I am presenting. Where did I post about it? On Twitter. What […]

NLRB Published Opinion on Social Media – Employers and Social Media Policies

The NLRB has made it very difficult for employers when it comes to social media. To its credit though, it has been trying to help by providing guidance reports The most recent report, provided in May, required a level of specificity that caused some consternation. Now for the first time, we have a reported opinion. Ballard […]

Finding a job in a bad economy

From time to time I post on the q&a site Quora.  I like the site, but I am only inclined to visit it on occasion. How many sites can we post on after all? At any rate, someone asked an excellent question that is on a lot of minds lately. He wanted to know what […]

Slides for my presentation – Social Media for Elder Law Attorneys Risks and Rewards

The first few slides are focused on some issues specific to the elderly. The rest of the presentation is on how (and how not) to use social media for law firms.   Social Media for Elder Law Attorneys – Powerpoint presentation

The Negatives of Social Media: I feel for Gerry Sandusky (note the G)

I frequently speak on the issue of employment and social media. And a portion of my talk always addresses the positives and negatives of using social media in hiring and firing decisions. Recently, someone spoke up and said, social media isn’t reliable, how do you know you have the right person? She chuckled when I […]

Posting from Twitter to LinkedIn No Longer Works

With the number of social media networks out there, users rely on the ability to post on one site and automatically share those posts to other sites. For the most part, people seem to prefer Twitter or Facebook.  A lot of Twitter users automatically send their posts to LinkedIn. Twitter has decided to throw a […]

Google Changes Search – Does it Alter the Balance of the Web?

Google has integrated Google+ with its search engine. This represents a major sea change in how the search engine works and how people will find what they are seeking. This blog post looks at the changes and what they mean for the future of law firm marketing.