Malware Prevention on WordPress Websites and Blogs

The Greater the Numbers the Greater the Risk of Malware Do you know why Microsoft is prone to more viruses than Mac or Linux? It is because there are a lot more Windows based computers and so if someone wants to cause damage he gets more bang for his buck by creating malware for a […]

Installing Office 365 – Make sure you know what you are doing or you will make your website unreachable

A colleague called me for help with Office 365. Someone had installed it for her, but it wasn’t doing quite what she wanted. Fortunately for her, while I was looking at the issue, I happened to pull up her website. I should say I tried to pull up her website, because all I got was […]

Make sure your website can handle your traffic

Recently I saw a law firm experience an unfortunate event. The firm launched a new version of its website and sent out an email announcing the launch. The email included a picture of the website with a link to visit the site. I clicked on the link and saw….nothing. A blank page. I searched the […]

With GoDaddy down it is a good time to consider your hosting options

Even if you have never had to think about hosting a website you probably know GoDaddy. It is the company that uses Danica Patrick and other women in its controversial commercials. Apparently controversy works because GoDaddy is the domain name registrar for a huge number of sites, and hosts a great many as well. Also, […]